Irynsoft No Longer Active

This notice is long overdue. Irynsoft officially shuttered in December of 2013. We are incredibly grateful for the hard work of talented employees, faith of several key partners, and tremendous feedback from our most vocal users around the world. Our mission was to leverage mobile platforms to bring the most powerful force in the world (education) to people who couldn’t otherwise access it. While we were unable to sustain this mission as a business, we did achieve so much of what we set out to do. Hundreds of thousands of “students” consumed millions of videos from MIT, Cornell, Harvard, as well as Khan Academy and NASA. As we watch other businesses including Apple’s iTunesU continue to carry on this mission, we remain bullish on the value of mobile video education to let students of all ages “learn & share, anytime, anywhere”.

-Sandy Khaund, CEO, Irynsoft