A Platform Called VIRT2GO

What if online learning combined the convenience of your smartphone with the browsing experience of Netflix and all your Facebook friends could join you?

Irynsoft offers VIRT2GO, an interactive mobile learning experience where you watch lessons and collaborate among a virtual campus of peers from around the world–all within a rich smartphone interface.  Initially built for the iPhone with Facebook Connect integration, VIRT2GO’s portability and community enables students to overcome the biggest hurdles of distance learning today: finding the time and finding the help.

Screen shot 2010-03-31 at 10.33.21 PM

As a software platform, VIRT2GO provides customizable solutions for anyone looking at innovative ways to distribute digital learning content to students around the world with their own branded solution.  VIRT2GO complements desktop offerings with enhanced flexibility and interactivity to improve retention and enable new ways to monetize existing content.

To try VIRT2GO, download our own version of the app, “Virt U”, for the iPhone and in beta for the Android platform.